Virtual Remote Appointments

Cant attend the clinic?/ No problem we can do virtual consultation from the comfort of your home.


STEP 1. Our virtual online service is carried our via a remote ZOOM call with our team of medical staff. Our Nurse prescriber will first assess your suitability for the programme by looking at your online consultation form. This is the first step in the process. 

STEP 2. If you are deemed fit and suitable to begin our programme then the second process is to conduct a virtual call with you to explain the process. 

STEP 3. We will order your prescription from our registered pharmacy and the item will be sent discreetly with a sharps bin and needles to commence the programme. 

STEP 4. We will email you lots of information for you to record your weight loss journey. As you are unable to attend the clinic face to face we ask you to take your height and measurements and record in your go diary that we send you. We also ask you to take your own pictures for reference as well as blood pressure if this can be available to you. 

STEP 5. We will add you to the closed FB forum where likeminded people are there to share their success stories and give tips and advice. We are also on hand to answer any questions you may have vie email or organise a quick Skype call with you. 



We take weight loss  very seriously. Your success is our success


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