Our Story

Renu SLIM Clinic is part of our multi award winning brand Renu SKIN Clinic, Renu ACADEMY and Renu SURGICAL.

Our brand started way back in 2008 from a small bedroom in my home.  Back then I worked alone part time whilst continuing my full time NHS role as a registered nurse, My vision back then was to grow into one of the best aesthetic clinics within the region. As the brand grew so did I and I moved to my very first premises which had a small room and a small reception.

I continued to grow month on month and I decided it was time to concentrate on the brand full time. A big step leaving behind a permanent full time wage and a secure job.  However my risk paid off and I was able to relocate to larger premises that housed 6 treatment, a consultation room and a training acadamy. From here I was able to employ some staff to help on reception and to take all of my bookings. I was also able to employ a part time therapist. As my business grew so did our staff levels and in Nov 2019 we moved to our brand new state of the art clinic that has been meticulously thought out and every little detail perfect. Our new clinic now houses 5 treatment rooms, a consultation/medcial weight loss room/laser room/ Skin LAB area and our amazing Light LAB area. We now employ 8 staff members and we continue to grow at a rapid rate. 

The brand has taken a huge leap and we wanted to be able to  help people lose weight through a safe, effective and personalised medical weight loss programmes. This is where we found The National Medical Weight Loss Programme. This programme  (NMWLP) uses an FDA approved medication called liraglutide, which is licensed for weight loss under the trade name of Saxenda® as well as weight loss plans, aftercare as well as fitness plans and personal trainers. 

We are trusted by patients and healthcare officials

Our clinic has been rated as excellent and we are proud to continue to receive 5 star ratings from our patients on google as well as social media platforms. Our clinic prides itself on excellence and achieving results. We are confident that we will help to improve your health and well-being and to lose weight.

Our clinic is regulated by Healthcare Improvement in Scotland and our grades have been marked as excellent. This guarantees you that you are treated in a clean sterile and safe environment at all times.


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